SOS for school library books!

Lorrie Stapleton

Please meet Maureen D'Ascanio, Barnum School's Librarian. She maintains a gorgeous library space and loves to have great books for their 633 K-8th grade students. Unfortunately, there is no budget for libraries in Bridgeport and she could really use some help filling their shelves. If you look closely at the shelf that houses their total selection on animals, you will see that the books are in tatters.

They could use some fun novels and graphic novels for the kids, recent biographies, books on landforms, anything on animals, and some ‘how to draw’ books.


Busy Delivery Days are Great

Lorrie Stapleton

Had a busy day Thursday delivering books for Madison School, Precious Memories, Dunbar's Family Resource Center, The Baptist Church's Health Fair and Barnum School.

At Barnum, loved to see the skateboard parking lot in Officer Jackie's office. She keeps an eye on them for all the kids who commute by board. Also got a chance to meet Principal Amy Marshall who joined the school in 2018.

The Skateboard parking lot

The Skateboard parking lot

Officer Jackie

Officer Jackie

Barnum’s Principal Marshall and Julio Reinoso

Barnum’s Principal Marshall and Julio Reinoso

Newfield's English Language Learner's Program

Lorrie Stapleton

We were very happy to provide books last week to the English Language Learners program at Newfield School in Stamford. 55 kids were able to choose books to take home from their Family Breakfast and Workshop. Major kudos to Lisa Pomerance and Jennifer Jehle who organized the event and provided us with these great pictures. You can learn more about this excellent program for immigrants at their site


I love it when the stars align!

Lorrie Stapleton
Cornelia Salvi

Cornelia Salvi

When we were visiting Luis Munoz Marin school in Bridgeport, we met Cornelia Salvi, the Library Media specialist for their 800+ students in grades PreK to 8th. When discussing her needs, we mentioned that we had just received a huge donation of non-fiction books from the librarians at Greenwich Country Day School and Stanwich School who are currently working on combining their extensive libraries. When Cornelia showed us her single shelf of biographies, Julio and I immediately returned to Greenwich and filled the Jeep to the brim with books for their library. So much fun!

Sibert Award winners for Park City Magnet

Lorrie Stapleton

Lisette Valle of Park City Magnet School in Bridgeport contacted us to get some books for their 563 children. We are always thrilled to give great books and this time, we included a couple of boxes of brand new non-fiction that came from Perrot Librarian Kathy Jarombek who recently chaired the Sibert Award Committee for the best information books for kids. Some of these titles were fascinating and you can see the list of all the award winning books at

We Love our Book Donors

Lorrie Stapleton

Many thanks to our very generous book donors in 2018 who enabled us to distribute 40,000 wonderful gently used books in 2018, bringing our 4 year total to over 160,000! We source most of our books from the Town of Greenwich Book Swap and Darien Book Aid, but this year also received lots of books from many other friends.

Thanks as well to the fabulous volunteers at the Greenwich Book Swap and Darien Book Aid. Kudos to Julio Reinoso who helped distribute books to 33 schools in Bridgeport, and Gerhard Peter who maintained adult libraries at 14 senior centers and nursing homes.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 9.42.28 PM.png

Helping out Bridgeport's Toys for Tots after toy theft

Lorrie Stapleton

So happy to provide Pastor Torres with 12 boxes of kids books today for their upcoming Toys for Tots event. Following the devastating theft of 1,000 toys this season, they have been so thankful for the amazing outpouring of love and gifts from the local communities. Children now may actually get 2-3 gifts!

Many thanks to our book donors, Darien Book Aid Plan, Greenwich recycling's Book Swap, and a very industrious group of 5 year olds in Christ Church Greenwich Nursery School's Connecting class who ran a children's book drive for us.

Read more about the story here and here

Introducing Bridgeport Learning Center

Lorrie Stapleton

Really enjoyed meeting the staff at Bridgeport Learning Center when Julio and I dropped off some books last week. This PreK-12 school's mission is to provide a safe, caring, therapeutic environment where students with complex educational and social challenges can best develop the skills and character necessary to rejoin their communities with success. Bridgeport Learning Center provides comprehensive, integrated mental health services while offering high quality, rigorous educational services for their students. It also has some very fun staff members!

Park City Magnet School

Lorrie Stapleton

Say hello to Lissette Valle, the Librarian at Bridgeport's Park City Magnet School, a K-8th grade intra-district magnet program with a focus on the study of science and technology. You can learn more about this impressive school at .

We were able to give her a wide assortment of fiction and non-fiction books for their library and classrooms. Many thanks to Greenwich Country Day SchoolDarien Book Aid Plan and the Greenwich Book Swap for the book donations.

Harry Potter Book Drive Update

Lorrie Stapleton

Delivered 20 Harry Potter books and CDs to a very happy Officer John Maldonado at Multicultural Magnet School. We will continue to collect books for them as the kids will be reading them through May. One of his students jumped right in - let the reading begin!

Sometimes the stars are just aligned....

Lorrie Stapleton
Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 1.24.34 PM.png

Greenwich Country Day School has a wonderful tradition. As part of the annual student book fair, parents donate their used kids books for needy children. GCDS graciously invited Books4Everyone last week to take away loads of lovely gently used elementary school books.

On the same day, we received a request from Westover School in Stamford. Due to a severe mold infestation, the school is being closed indefinitely for remediation and 800 children and teachers are moving to an old Pitney Bowes campus. All of their books and school supplies must be left behind and destroyed, meaning no books whatsoever in a library or classroom for the children.

Maria, their librarian assistant picked up many boxes of the excellent GCDS books from that very night and will be sourcing more from us over the coming weeks as their needs become more clear.

Hannah and Matt sure know how to pack a car!

Lorrie Stapleton

Many thanks to Hannah Zipkin and Matthew Silliman of Ridgefield High School who organized a children's book drive this summer. They put out donation bins in their neighborhood, stores and local community centers and collected over 500 books! We are honored to distribute them to needy kids over the next month.

Bravo Hannah and Matt!