Would you like some books for your organization? 

We are a very small organization and only deliver books in Fairfield County Connecticut. 

If you are in this area, please use this form to request books from us. The more you can tell us about your organization or school will help us fine tune the books we gather for you. Your request below will be sent to us by email and we will get in touch with you.

If you would prefer, you can also just send an email to

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First Name
Please tell us a little about your organization, the number of children and the primary contacts we should have for you.
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Please give us a sense for the type of books you would like.
If you want Non- fiction books for classrooms or libraries, please let us know what topics would be helpful (e.g. biographies, environment, health & body, history, Egypt, etc.)
Give us a sense for the total amount of books you want and whether it is for a special event on a certain date. All other comments can be added here as well.