Lauren's books have found a great new home!

Lorrie Stapleton

Thanks so much to Lauren for volunteering at the Book Swap last month. She conducted a survey for us and determined that we get about 200 guests during our 8am-12pm hours.

Guests drop off about 1,000 books a day and take away over 400 books. We then take the excess books that are in good condition to schools, senior centers and community centers throughout Fairfield County.

Lauren also donated her amazing personal collection of over 300 beautiful kids books, all of which went to improve the Library at Inspirica - from homeless to home in Stamford.

Bravo Lauren!


These kids love to read!

Lorrie Stapleton

We love our little “Duckies” at Stamford’s Children’s Learning Center on Lockwood Avenue. Each week up to 6 classrooms of 3-5 year olds drop by and patiently wait to pick out books that they can take home.


Hall Neighborhood House cuties

Lorrie Stapleton

I wish we could show you all the wonderful kids that we get to meet every week, but most of the time, we don't have permission to take photos of the kids, so we showcase their impressive teachers and organizations instead. Although our donors have graciously provided us with great books to distribute - we get the benefit of all the smiles, High-Fives, hugs and Thank-you's from these adorable kids. Bob Dzurenda, the Executive Director of Hall Neighborhood House, and Rafael gave us a hand with the book delivery. They also introduced us to these cuties in the 3 year old class.


Bridgeport's Parent Convention - 2019

Lorrie Stapleton

Visited Bassick High School the other day to drop off some books with Albert Benejan who is running the 47th annual Parent Convention taking place on May 29th from 8:30 am - 2pm at Housatonic Community College. This bilingual event gets a great turnout each year due to the topics covered. This year they include 1) the 2020 Census, 2) Special Needs, 3) Internet Safety, 4) Math workshop, 5) Knowing the laws about rights and responsibilities as parents and, 6) How the state supports families with bilingual and ESL students.