Circulating used books amongst the local school libraries might help out

Lorrie Stapleton

We visited Wolfpit Elementary in Norwalk today and dropped off some books in anticipation of the kickoff of their summer reading program. LuAnn DeMichael  (Librarian) and Jenna Masone (Principal) and I then got on the topic of the disparate quality and funding of school libraries throughout the Fairfield County school districts.

Some of the good elementary aged biographies we delivered today had actually been donated to Darien Book Aid from another local school. LuAnn noted that when schools cull their libraries, they sometimes don't know what to do with the surplus books. Since we have seen so many libraries in need of books, Books4Everyone agreed to work proactively in the future with librarians to find good homes for their excess supply.

Books provided by Greenwich Book Swap and Darien Book Aid