Our Favorite Christmas Cookies

CookbooksLorrie Stapleton
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"I'll never forget Connor as a 3 year old with a huge grin, covered in chocolate tip to toe after he reached up to the table to pluck off the melted gooey Kiss from the cooling cookies."  




My daughter and I had a great time making a Christmas Cookie book a few years ago. We gathered the recipes that we have used every year, usually judging favorites by how messy the pages were in the cookbook itself.  We then typed them up, added pictures from the web, and added personal notes about each cookie. 

Once done, we wrote an introduction about our long tradition of making cookies and gingerbread houses with friends and made sure to give kudos to special people along the way. We made 15 copies and circulated them as early Christmas presents to our friends and family.

We do know that they got some good use because we got multiple reports on a couple of rather strategic missing ingredients. Note to self  for future projects - check the recipes before printing!

We did this several years ago on iPhoto with a spiral bound soft cover so it lays flat on the counter. Now there are many more options that are specifically designed for cookbooks. I've tried to gather some of the best in our cookbook introduction.