Digital Cookbooking

CookbooksLorrie Stapleton
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This was done with iPhoto as a 11x8.5in softcover spiral bound book with the Photo Essay theme.

Now it's my iPad that is propped up on the counter instead of a cookbook. I keep all of my recipes in an app called Paprika, which enables me to download and personalize recipes from the web or enter them myself. This is a great help in the kitchen as it will scale any recipe to different sizes and I can forward them to friends by email.

My daughter moved into a new apartment this year and I wanted to create a cookbook of our favorite recipes. In Paprika, I have the option to print each recipe to a PDF in iPhoto. It took about 10 minutes to gather all the recipe 'photos', then it was very easy to pop them into one of the regular iPhoto themes.

Click on the recipe below for some additional favorites I exported from my Paprika app: