Poker Anyone? Personalized Playing Cards

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Card ordered from Shutterfly

Card ordered from Shutterfly

Card ordered from Printer's Studio

Card ordered from Printer's Studio

My extended family plays endless games of Shanghai Rummy when we get together and it typically requires at least three decks of cards. I thought it would be fun this year to create some cards specifically for the occasion.

Shutterfly has a great product and enables you to add up to 9 pictures in a variety of templates. I decided to test it out for a quick birthday present for a friend. It took me about 5 minutes to upload a photo of her teddy bear, add a caption, and click on the purchase button. The stated price was $19.99, but I was able to find a discount coupon and it came in at less than $20 all in. The quality was excellent and shipping was rather fast.

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If you really want to go wild, there are sites out there that enable you to have a different picture on every card as well as a personalized front. I found that Printer's Studio will create all these types of customized cards for $7.99 a deck. Definitely worth looking into, but I'm not confident that the quality will be as good as Shutterfly. I've ordered a deck of cards with their premium linen paper to test it out - all in for $14.48.

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