Converting file formats - JPG, PNG

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I often take screen prints of things I find on the web that I want to incorporate into my books. On my iPad I am constantly taking screen print 'photos' of articles, recipes, fun things I see on Facebook.

When you do a screen print, it results in a .PNG file which is recognized as a photo in most of the photo software that is downloaded on your computer such as Blurb and iPhoto.

However, many of the web based applications ask for a .JPG file and you'll see that when you try to load a .png file up into their services, that they are grayed out.

This is no big deal. It's very easy to convert a file from one format to another with software already on your computer.

1. Open the photo: For PCs use Paint, for MAC use Preview

2. Select File Save / Save As and choose the JPG type extension

3. Save the file


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