Tips & Techniques

Scanning your print photos

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In order to get your print photos into photo books, you'll want to scan them into your computer. This is relatively straightforward if you have a printer at home with a flat bed or access to a flatbed stand alone scanner. As each printer and computer setup is very different, I cover only the basics here, and provide links to additional detailed articles.

Screenshots on your iPhone or iPad

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Let's face it - iPhones and iPads have revolutionized the way we document our lives. I used to take out my camera only for vacation shots or prom pictures. Now my iphone camera is an intrinsic part of my day as I take shots of where I parked, books I may want to read or that shirt I really liked. Screen prints from the web on my iPad document directions, recipes, restaurants and articles to read later. These are the digital 'post-its' of my life that will hopefully enable me to survive my impending Alzheimers.

Deals and Discounts

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Most photo companies are always running some sort of discount program, so make sure that you always look for coupon codes before you buy your book or cards. Once you get comfortable with different services, you might want to decide which company you want to use for a project based upon the discounts available at the time as they can be up to 60% off.

There is an excellent site that tracks all the deals and discounts daily called PhotoBookGirl. 


Converting file formats - JPG, PNG

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When you do a screen print, it results in a .PNG file which is recognized as a photo in most of the photo software that is downloaded on your computer such as Blurb and iPhoto.

However, many of the web based applications ask for a .JPG file and you'll see that when you try to load a .png file up into their services, that they are grayed out.