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Instant Facebook album

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Although I may not be the most accomplished Facebook poster out there, I am glad to say that lots of friends and family keep me constantly amused with their photos, funny cards, recipes and hysterical stories. Blurb has an automated system to help you create A book directly from you and your friends' albums on Facebook.

Deals and Discounts

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Most photo companies are always running some sort of discount program, so make sure that you always look for coupon codes before you buy your book or cards. Once you get comfortable with different services, you might want to decide which company you want to use for a project based upon the discounts available at the time as they can be up to 60% off.

There is an excellent site that tracks all the deals and discounts daily called PhotoBookGirl. 


Fleeting Triumphs

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When my kids were little they loved playing with wooden building blocks with their Dad. He always encouraged them to use every block in each creation. As our collection of blocks grew, this became more and more of a challenge - especially since we would seek out the most obscure shapes and buy only 1 of each because it was so fun to watch him struggle with his innate sense for symmetry.