Good Night Junior's Room - An Updated Bedtime Story

For kids, Photo BooksLorrie Stapleton

I saw an animated version of Good Night Moon on the web and found that I still knew every word. My college age son is considering updating his bedroom and I realized that the new look would forever erase the personality he piled into that space.

Armed with a copy of Good Night Moon, I took a panoramic shot of his room with my iPhone, then began to randomly take pictures of everything in the room - not knowing what I was going to include.  Once I uploaded the shots, I had fun watching the rhymes fall into place. Needless to say, Eric Clapton didn't make the Goodnight cut because he was too tough to rhyme.  

Why not use this as a template to create your own bedtime story? It doesn't have to be limited to a single bedroom, but could be Good Night Johnny's house.
Created with iPhoto Crayon Theme  11x8.5 inches softcover for ~$20.