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Our Family Art Museum

For kidsLorrie Stapleton

Every day my kids used to bring home artwork from school and it was hung with great fanfare on the fridge, the windows and the doors of our kitchen. New creations took the place of the old in our ever changing gallery. Eventually, our favorite masterpieces were placed in huge bins in the attic, never to be seen again.

Why not preserve the best artwork and create a book? You can do it yourself, or turn to the experts....

Fleeting Triumphs

For kids, Photo BooksLorrie Stapleton

When my kids were little they loved playing with wooden building blocks with their Dad. He always encouraged them to use every block in each creation. As our collection of blocks grew, this became more and more of a challenge - especially since we would seek out the most obscure shapes and buy only 1 of each because it was so fun to watch him struggle with his innate sense for symmetry.