Which photo company to use?

Lorrie Stapleton

If you are new to making photo books, it can be really intimidating with so many choices of software and places to print your books. I use iPhoto, Blurb and Shutterfly for most of my projects and you'll find that they all use very similar steps to create a photo book or card.

  1. If you have  a MAC,  iPhoto is excellent and comes installed on your machine.  Once you have a large library of photos, you should probably invest $80 in Aperture, the professional strength option.

  2. I think that Blurb is a fabulous, versatile program that it good for both the novice who wants to use simple templates and the pro who wants to design their books totally free-form. You can use it on Macs or PCs.

  3. I think Shutterfly provides the best quality product of all the on-line photo sites for creating books, cards and other gifts. It has recently purchased MyPublisher which seems very similar to Blurb.

  4. Walgreens and most drug stores offer instant gratification with their products available for in-store pick up within a hour. Great for those last minute birthday presents, but the quality is somewhat lower and they have limited options for their book covers.

Other Resources:

PhotoBookGirl has excellent detailed reviews on most of the photo companies. She also does a great side by side comparisons such as this one for Blurb vs Shutterfly. She is quite PC centric, so don't expect much information on iPhoto or Aperture. 

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